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January 18, 2010


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mary how do you do it? that was the best description of a fashion event EVER, you rock!


I totally agree about Chloe Sevigny's dress. Looked WAY better last night. And all I had was pizza and girl scout cookies. Hmm... Gag, you said a lot of those were bad. You know what? I agree!


I always enjoy your red carpet commentaries!


Hey, that second dress was one of my favorites too! Also, Lauren Graham and (of course) Helen Mirren looked awesome. Nicole Kidman looks like she's made of WAX (which could explain the nipples). WTF?


> I have a firm belief that one should be able to distinguish between where the dress ends and the skin starts.

I totally agree with this -- the metallic colour trend doesn't suit most people. It looks bad enough as a trend in HOUSES. I like me some colour.

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